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Meeting Minutes- June 2011

 BZAAZK Meeting- June 20,  2011

In attendance: Lauren Augustine, Sara Koplish, Mary Gremler, Linda Edge, Sabrina Squillari, Avril Armstrong, Megan Baumer, Alyssa Borek, Vanessa Jones, Cindy Maur, Dawn Davis

-Lauren Augustine, treasurer, announced her resignation from the chapter since she is no longer going to be working at the zoo
-Linda Edge, vice president is the interim treasurer
-Election for the treasurer position discussed, including responsibilities
-The vote will take place at the next monthly meeting- all interested parties are to contact Linda via     email
-Megan Baumer gave our first informal training talk on komodo dragon crate training
-Committee updates- NKW, BFR
-Discussed chapter details- membership, $ in bank account
-Talked about us being in the AAZK Forum magazine
-Discussed membership benefits
-Please send ideas for the chapter to us via email