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Meeting Minutes- January 2011

Meeting Minutes for Future BZAC  --  January 20th, 2011

First, a special thanks goes to all who brought in or made the delicious, home made entrees and refreshments.  Show your gratitude by volunteering to make your favorite recipe for next time.

In Attendence: Cindy Maur, Michelle Medina, Avril Armstrong, Vanessa Jones, Mike Wrubel, Jason Castro, Kirsty Black, Melanie Lumba, Rebecca Yee, Linda Edge, Dawn Davis, Kristin Antonaccio, Rebecca K. Zenowich, Kim Warren, Paul Kmintek, Amy Golden, Alexis Amann  and Lauren Augustine.

Meeting Agenda:

Dawn Davis –
Welcome, Gratitude, Gametime: Zoo Speed Scatagories, & Review of AKF magazine
Linda –
AAZK, American Association of Zoo Keepers  - History, Mission & Purpose
Cindy –
Accomplishments already, Why join? & Future Benefits for keepers and the Bronx Zoo
Lauren –
Financial responsibilities, dues (national, & individual) website & distribution of funds

AAZK is a nonprofit, volunteer, national organization of professional animal keepers ( Their mission is to continue education for the animal-care professional.

AAZK provides a professional forum, monthly.  This trade magazine is called Animal Keeper Forum (AKF).  National membership is required to gain full access to AKF magazine online (, in their member’s only section of the website.

Members can also submit to share their animal project papers on husbandry, enrichment, training techniques etc…for publication in the AKF, again in the member’s only section (  The member’s only section has a lot of valuable information and resources, including upcoming national conferences, fundraisers, and workshops.

AAZK also provides grants for a number of different professional improvements and educational opportunity (

AAZK national membership dues are $45 and the future Bronx Zoo AAZK Chapter (BZAC) dues are $25, both annually. The deadline for payment of dues for both National and the future BZAC is the 3rd meeting after our Chapter is made official.

Our future BZAC dues ($25 ea. collectively) and all additional funds we raise are put into our General Fund, managed by the future BZAC Treasurer, Lauren Augustine.

This General Fund pays BZAC’s dues to the national AAZK, and will manage, through a Quorum vote of the membership, any other expenditures. Only the Treasurer is allowed to spend under $100, without calling for a quorum vote. A quorum constitutes 20% of the future BZAC membership.  A majority of the quorum is necessary to pass any motion, election or spending request.

Future BZAC expenditures, including any and all grants, deposits, enrichment, conferences tickets, conservation contributions etc. will be “formally” presented to the membership, by a member. “Formally” is hereby defined as verbally or visually presented to the membership and officers at an official meeting of the future BZAC, accompanied by an accurate estimate of expenses and a promise to remit all receipts for said expenses. All presentations will be heard before voting. The funds will be allocated to the presentation with the majority of votes, in the quorum.  Just, for clarity’s sake, this means that if we have 22 members, a quorum could be as little as, 5 people and a majority is 3 people.  This is why your attendance is so important. The best way to ensure your voice is heard is to attend meetings and vote on motions.

The future BZAC has four (4) officer positions: President, Cindy Maur, Vice President, Linda Edge, Treasurer, Lauren Augustine and Secretary, Dawn Bard Davis.  Each office’s term is 1 year in length (January-December). The elections for office are held, annually, in December.  An member can hold office for three (3) years consecutively, and must take one (1) year off before holding any other office.

Avril Armstrong asked a great question: “how often can the treasurer spend upto $100.00, Without a quorum vote? We are researching an appropriate answer, and will have it ASAP.
Avril Armstrong also won the first ever “Zoo Speed Scatagories” game.

Michelle Medina is in charge of the creation and management of our Future BZAC website.


ENRICHMENT BONANZA – Please notify officers about large ideas, or group projects COMING SOON – DATE AND LOCATION TO BE ANNOUNCED

Next Meeting:
February 20th, 2011, Mammal Meeting room, 2nd Fl. Admin East

Future BZAC Logo Contest – everyone is eligible for entry.  Submissions should represent a variety of animals, including mammals, birds and reptiles.  Ultimately, final submission must be in digital format (.jpg is preferred).  The size must be 300 dpi, and logo must fit in an 7 x 7 inch space. Remember these will be shrunk down for letterhead and expanded for t-shirts and posters.  Deadline – To Be Announced