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Meeting Minutes- November 2012

Bronx Zoo AAZK Chapter Monthly Meeting Minutes
November 20, 2012
I.              Officer Elections
a.       Each candidate gave a short speech on their intentions and qualifications for the four positions.
                                                               i.      Robin Sutker is running unopposed for President
                                                             ii.      Cindy Maur is running unopposed for Vice President
                                                            iii.      Sara Koplish is running unopposed for Treasurer
                                                           iv.      Megan Baumer is running unopposed for Secretary
b.      Voting begins after this meeting and continues until next month’s meeting on Dec. 20th.
                                                               i.      Please check the BZAC website for information and the link to vote for these candidates.
II.                  Enrichment Bonanza
a.       Most likely will be held during the January 20th meeting.
b.      Looking to make the event more streamlined and have stations for specific items as well as one station for those to make any item(s) of their interest.
c.       Cindy informed the chapter that there is the potential that Business Services will host an enrichment contest for keepers that BZAC was asked to facilitate.
                                                               i.      We should look into combining this somehow with the Bonanza.
                                                             ii.      The top 3 prizes will be $100 for 3rd, $200 for 2nd place, and $300 for 1st.
                                                            iii.      The prize money must be used to purchase enrichment for the animal(s) of the winner(s) choice. 
                                                           iv.      Since this is still not guaranteed, details are yet to be determined.
III.                Calendar
a.       Lots of photos have been submitted. (Thank you to those who contributed!)
b.      Like last year, the calendar will include important dates for animal keepers regarding conferences, workshops, classes, etc.
c.       The best estimate received is from Staples and their offer is $799 for 100 calendars.
d.      Looking to sell the calendars for $20 to non-members, $15 to members, and $10 for those with a photo in the calendar.
                                                               i.      The discount prices will only be given for one calendar per person.
e.      Last year, 60 calendars were sold at a much later date in the year (near January).
                                                               i.      We are trying to purchase the calendars ASAP in order to have them to sell at the Silent Auction (Dec. 3) and in time for departmental holiday parties. 
f.        We have been approved to sell these at Zoo Center again
g.       There was a suggestion to sell the calendars to the department heads to put them up in all installations.
h.      We are looking to sell these around the Bronx zoo, as well as at other WCS facilities.
i.         A motion was put forward to decrease the prices of the calendars to $15 for non-members, $12 for members, and $10 for those with a photo in the calendar.
                                                               i.      This was voted on and the motion passed.
j.        Discussed increasing the number of calendars purchased in order to decrease the price per calendar.
                                                               i.      It was decided to stay at 100 calendars for this year and we can re-evaluate next year or if demand is enough to purchase more this year.
k.       We are hoping to start the calendars even earlier next year, even if some conferences, classes, etc. have not yet announced their dates/details.  These will just not be printed in the calendar.
l.         The motion was presented to vote on the chapter spending $800-1000 for the 100 calendars.
                                                               i.      A unanimous vote passed this motion.
IV.                Chapter Fee
a.       Web results reported 8 votes in favor, and 1 opposed to lowering the chapter membership fee.
                                                               i.      The motion for lowering the membership fee for BZAC was passed, and will be lowered from $25 to $15.
V.                  Silent Auction
a.       This is running from Dec. 3-8 in the Executive Dining Room portion of the Staff Dining room.
                                                               i.      We will try to have someone manning the area as much as possible in order to manage the auction, sell calendars and sell Chopsticks.
                                                             ii.      Discussed trying an online component of the auction for next year.
                                                            iii.      Please let Megan Baumer know if you are interested in helping out, specifically with set-up (~9 AM Dec. 3) or take-down (just after 2PM Dec. 8).
1.       This cannot be done during your work hours, so if you have the day off, it would be greatly appreciated.
VI.                BZAC Holiday Get-Together
a.       Cindy and Robin visited many possible locations and are looking to have it at a bar in the Midtown Manhattan area.
b.      They are looking to get drink/food specials and BZAC may even purchase some things for the members.
c.       Possibly will involve a cover price; this will be cheaper for members.
d.      Still looking to raffle off a membership to AAZK National to one member and to one non-member. 
VII.              Chopsticks for Salamanders
a.       They are offering a grant this year for salamander conservation. 
b.      We need to decide on a price for us to sell the chopsticks at.
                                                               i.      The chopsticks are stainless steel; they come in a pouch and include an informational pamphlet about the conservation effort.
                                                             ii.      Lauren Augustine (Head of CFS) got a grant to purchase the chopsticks and therefore cost our chapter nothing to have them.
1.       Lauren requests that they are sold at a minimum of $10.
a.       Since research shows that these can be purchased at a much cheaper price, the members decided to not ask for more than $10 per pair.
VIII.            New Meeting Ideas!
a.       Meet at Dave and Busters in the city and hold the meeting there
b.      More Guest Speakers – please let us know if you have any suggestions.