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Meeting Minutes- April 2012

Bronx Zoo AAZK Chapter Meeting Minutes
20 April 2012

A)    Updates
a.       Volunteer opportunities committee has been reaching out to various groups looking for opportunities that would fit (Bronx River Alliance, One Million Trees, Wolf Conservation Center, Park & Rec); more information to come
b.      National Keeper week committee has their first meeting coming up
c.       Barnanza is looking at venues
d.      Presentation Evening committee
                                                               i.      The next event will be in June
                                                             ii.      If you would like to present, please see a committee member
e.       Bowling for Rhinos is well under way!
                                                               i.      Date: 27 August 2012
                                                             ii.      Event will begin at 7 p.m. with bowling from 7:30-9:00 p.m.
                                                           iii.      Online purchasing will be stressed
                                                           iv.      The top individual fundraiser nationally will win a trip to Africa from AAZK National
                                                             v.      The committee is looking for silent auction donations
f.        Enrichment Bonanza
                                                               i.      There are plenty of items in the enrichment trailer from the event if anyone would like any!
g.       Keepers have begun meeting with several Girl Scout troops and begun making items
                                                               i.      If anyone has anything to add to the wish list, they are still open for new ideas.
B)    New ideas
a.       Would is be possible to start an AAZK garden by Pere David deer?
                                                               i.      Josh is on board, but many details still need to be worked out
b.      Would BZAC members like to make suggestions for an at home pet enrichment brochure?
C)     Danielle presented her grant proposal and was approved by membership to receive the first biannual BZAC Travel Grant!!!!
D)    Melissa (Mo) gave a presentation on her work at Queen’s zoo.
a.       Mo is the vet tech at Queens, and has taken great strides to participate in the lives of the animals.  Her presence at training sessions has helped desensitize the animals in case medical emergencies! 
b.      It’s great for members at the Bronx Zoo to learn more about how the city zoos face the unique challenges they face; they do not have vets or a hospital on grounds, Mo’s involvement can help ensure medical problems are recognized as soon as they present.
E)     Many thanks to the Queens and Prospect Park members that made the trip!