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Meeting Minutes: June 2013

June 20, 2013
AAZK Meeting w/ Guest Speaker Melissa Nelson on Public Speaking
Attended by: Robin Sutker, Cindy Maur, Sara Koplish, Melissa Ortiz, Lisa Walker, Elizabeth Mills, Kelly Carman, Ty Nickens, Jessica Chin, Randi Winter.

Presentation covered many aspects of public speaking including how to address different crowds for different kinds of talks, how to tackle difficult questions/subjects, how to exit gracefully and much more.

·        GNC: discussed volunteer days last Wednesday and Friday and the possibility of continuing the partnership between GNC and NYCAAZK. We can continue to volunteer and promote them at our events and they can sell our chopsticks in their shop.

·         Elections coming up in November, we can add positions if more people want to be involved by creating more specific titles.

o   Need to remind members to register for online voting.

·         Liaison Meetings: open to all departments from all of our zoos, want to increase our outreach.

·         Presentation Night: this year’s theme will be Training and Enrichment sometime in Sept or Oct

·         BFR: Lucky Strike $18/person for 16 lanes, possibly pushing date from August to September getting up to all 22 lanes (need to see how much the tickets would be to book all lanes).

o   Allowed to sell merchandize, baked item raffle
o   $3 beer/$6 pizza
o   For big money raisers ($50/$100) we can offer a tee-shirt and 3x raffle entry
o   Trying to push people to raise money above the ticket price
o   Kathleen is checking with Breheny for animal encounter prize
o   Need to solidify tee shirt design and quantity (100)

·         Dues: possibly enabling PayPal for dues, will most likely cost us money though; there is currently no prorating on membership dues.
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