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Meeting Minutes- December 2011

Bronx Zoo AAZK Chapter Meeting Minutes
20 December 2011

1)     Voting for amendments and officers will be reopened.  Not enough votes were placed to move forward.  Please make sure to register and vote online for:
a.       The amendment to expand our AAZK chapter to other zoos
b.      Officers

2)     The silent auction was a huge success!  Many thanks to all who participated.
a.       We made over 1,000 dollars
b.      Generated a lot of buzz
c.       We may hold a second one each year, but no more than that

3)     Cindy had a great meeting with Jim Breheny
a.       We have his permission to hold BZAC meeting events behind the scenes at all parks
b.      We have his permission to have animal presentations
                                                               i.      We must still receive permission from heads of the city zoos/ individual Bronx zoo installations to proceed
c.       The AEP presentation night was a great success- Jim would like to see BZAC involvement in similar, less formal events with more diverse subject matter
                                                               i.      It was expressed that having less oversight for every detail of presentations was important for keeper participation

4)     Travel grants upcoming!
a.       BZAC members will have final decision on grant recipients
b.      We discussed payment methods for grant money

5)     Calendars are in!
a.       20$ for non-members, 15$ for members, 10$ for those that submitted photos
b.      Could they be sold in the Bronx Zoo store?
c.       Could we sell posters at the Bronx Zoo store

6)     Keeper talks
a.       Wild Asia’s new squeeze
b.      Tundra the polar bear
c.       Kiani update!