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Meeting Minutes: May 2013

 May 20, 2013: Enrichment Bonanzas

Hosted by Bronx Zoo and Prospect Park Zoo
Attendance (Bronx): Members- Mary Gremler, Matt LeBron, Heather Tassler, Elizabeth Mills, Sara Koplish, Lisa Walker, Danielle Steele, Cindy Maur, Joe Nappi, Melanie Weber; Future Members- Sara Gonzalez, Vanessa Jones, Sylvia de la Pieda, Natasha Karl, Anna Burgos, Leah Simoncek, Dana Caton, Anthony Buffill.
PPZ: Member Tom Anderson; Future Members-Tom Anderson, Atu Marshal, Allison Shaw, Brittany Murphy, Lora Murphy, Allison Hague and Ashley Herbolich

Central Park And Queens are rescheduling their bonanzas, dates TBD.

Group phone chat around 6pm with Bronx/PPZ/Robin/Mo
·         Announced vote on co-secretaries (9-yes/2-no) Mo Ortiz and Lisa Walker
·         Photo Contest- open to zoo staff and the public, need submissions of animal photos, cash prizes, due date June 15
·         National Keeper Week activities- night event at Overlook bar, keeper profiles, silent auction, keeper grams, enrichment chats, ‘members night’ tables
o   Need submissions for Keeper Profiles
·         Voted yes to increase budget for keeper gift from $400 to $654 for one nicer item ($3/item) for everyone rather than a few smaller items for everyone. (14 -yes/ 0-no)
·         Travel Grant for $250 for AAZK Conference applications due by July 1st

Bonanza festivities went well. We made smaller items for bird department and children zoo like treat rings, and origami treat holders. We had lots of scents and girl-scout made enrichment to give away. For the larger animals we made a fire hose braid, A-33 barrel enrichment, huge origami style stuffed ball for “Happy” the elephant and some large paper mache animals (ostrich and giraffe).  

**Rescheduling Cook-off competition**

JUNE 2nd UPDATE: Photo Contest deadline extended to August 15th with new pricing of $5 for up to 5 photos, members can enter contest for free