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Meeting Minutes: September 2017

NYC AAZK Meeting Minutes: September 22, 2017 – Congo Movie Theatre, Bronx Zoo

In attendance: Gabrielle Rosato, Jessica Chin, Brent Atkinson, Joe Borsellino, Omara Aviles, Joe Nappi
                           Carolyn Rezckalla, Guests: Sol (FOZ) + Guest, Leanne

National Zoo Keeper Week:
- Thank you to all the keepers and staff that helped out to make this event a success!
- New Social Media glasses utilized to present keeper stories, great reception
- Silent Auction in new location in Schiff Hall made approximately $1000 for the chapter

Bowling for Rhinos:
- $2,500 profit for the event
- Our overhead is eating into a lot of our profits. New ideas for next year? New location?
- Extra Special thanks to Amy for stepping in to head Bowling for Rhinos after Taylor left WCS
- Thank you to Sarah, and all the volunteers that helped out the night of the event!

Hurricane Relief Movie Night Fundraiser:
- $300 raised, which will be donated to AZA’s Hurricane Harvey & Irma Employee Relief Fud
- This money will help out zoo staff affected by the hurricanes in Texas and Florida
- Thank you to all who came out to the movie night and helped raise money!

Upcoming Events:
Thursday October 12: Beach Clean-up
    - Orchard Beach. Planning being coordinated by Lauren Del Grosso
Thursday October 19: Croctoberfest
     - Gunhill Brewery. Planning being coordinated by Reptile Department
Monday November 13: Alamo Drafthouse Movie Night (tentative date)
     - Movie selection to be voted on (need to pick a movie already out on DVD to keep the cost down)
     - 26 seat theatre will be rented out exclusively for AAZK
December: AAZK Executive Team Elections
     - We have several positions opening up this year. Think about running! Our team will guide you!
     - We will need a new treasurer and secretary this upcoming year

2017 Donations to Date:
 - $300 to Trees for You and Me reforestation campaign
 - $300 to AZA Hurricane Relief Fund
 - $360 to the Foundation for the Conservation of Salamanders
 - $500 to WCS Pakistan Program
 - $2,565 Bowling for Rhinos Fund