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Meeting Minutes- April 2011

BZAAZK Meeting Minutes -- April 20th, 2011

In Attendance: Cindy Maur, Dawn Davis, Mary Gremler, Mike Wrubel, Vanessa Jones, Jason Castro, Flo Klecha, Sara Koplish, Linda Edge,  & Lauren Augustine.

Logo Selection:
We voted on the BZAAZK logo by secret ballot. The logo with the most votes was designed by Dawn Davis.  The logo and a photo of the artist are being sent to the Animal Keepers Forum for publication.

BAR-NANZA: A Night of “FUN” Raising at BAR EAST, yielded $1200 which was divided 70/30 between Turtle Survival Alliance and BZAC.  Thank you to all who came and made this so successful. Contributions are still coming in and decisions on how to split those funds are yet TBD.

Bowling for Rhinos (BFR) – Alexis Amman, Lauren Augustine, Amy Golden, & Sarah Koplish
Annual National Keeper Week (NKW) –  Lauren Augustine, Dawn Davis, Vanessa Jones, Cindy Maur, & Sabrina Squillari.

For more information, please check out these websites: and ,

Dawn shared the events of the first Girl Scout Enrichment Night. Dawn and Joan McGillicuddy met with her daughter’s troop and had a very productive evening.  See the photos on .  Committee meetings are being held to finalize this project. Members who are interested in giving back through this program are asked to contact officers via email. 

1.      How can we make things better for BZAC members?  Some of the suggestions were:
               Big discounts at all our events,
                           Committees and outreach programs - members only
               Members only “appreciation” events.
2.      From Barnanza Social Night Event:
                        Add guest list
                        Add a band
                        Add a food sponsor
      Eliminate any competition (i.e. pool league night)

3.      Flo Klecha shared a great idea for NKW.  Recognizing keeper’s accomplishments with some sort of showcase for their project results or conservation efforts, in a special print, Awards show or at exhibit site. Lots of other ideas were exchanged, prizes offered (drawings of animals), keeper olympics, game night, patron outreach with displays at exhibits,   candy donations, or ice cream sponsor.

4.      Can we get permanent and regular access to a storage space in the enrichment trailer?

May 20th – Enrichment Bonanza 2 and Pasta Challenge
An Enrichment Creation Party and Make your favorite Pasta dish, hot, cold, or mac and cheese, whatever-edible.  Any special needs, wants, trades; please contact BZAC officers. Current list: A33 barrels, gardening stuff, seeds, rope, fire hose, soldering gun, additional tools, and a Toddler toy trade off.