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Meeting Minutes: July 2014

National Zookeeper Week
  • PPZ is getting treats from Education
  • submit childhood photos at the Zoo!!
         --reenact adult version (when possible) for 2015? See Brittany
    Murphy's photo lol
  • Buzzfeed goes out Mon 7/21
  • Keeper gifts given out in Bronx mailboxes, PPZ at Kickball to
    Brittany, and Ashley gave CPZ's to Brian to pass out.
  • Twitter Party is Weds
  • social media will be even heavier next year; very present this year,
    and planning started pretty late
  • auction is in progress; other facilities can bid on higher priced
    items as well

  • raffle is coming; donations are welcome!!
  • ticket sales go up 7/21 (but postponed to 7/23)
  • 40+ tickets sold, but really need to sell more, more, more over next few days

  • bank account stills needs updated to switch from Cindy to Heather
    (and add c/o line for statements, as they're getting lost)

Attendance: PPZ- Ashley Herbolich and Debbie Dieneman from Education,
Brittany Murphy, Atu Marshall, Justine Wilber, Andrea Reimold (and her
boyfriend Andrew), Juan Alberto Choy Lui, and Morgan Parlo, and also
Takquan McGill and James Savastano from O/M, NYA- Kayla Bergman,
Shoely (I'm butchering this name...), David, and Julie, BX- Cindy
Maur, Sara Koplish, Kaitlyn Keys, and Heather Tassler. Also attending
and not claiming a specific facility were Matt and Shawn (?)