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Meeting Minutes: March 2015

Present: Sarah Parker, Sara Koplish, Mike Wrubel, Brent Atkinson, Joe Nappi, Erin Mowatt, Liz Mills, Cindy Maur, Bill Orrico (telephone), Avi Shuter (telephone)
o   Poll opens March 20th and closes March 26th
§ à About Us à Online Voting
-          BFR – August 17th
o   VOTE: Budget $2700. Can we cover all BFR expenses?
§  Show of hands à Yes (9) No (0)
o   Committee Update: If anyone else wants to join the committee email Sara Koplish or Lora Murphy.
o   Can we put up a BFR sign in Zoo Center? (See attached example *1)
o   If we post to our Facebook about BFR, can we get WCS Facebook to repost it?

-          April Aquarium Meeting
o   VOTE: Food Budget $250.
§  Show of hands à APPROVED
o   See attached flyer for info *2

-          Travel Grant Applications Due April 1st
o   See attached Flyer *3
o   Erin Mowatt and Brent Atkinson joined the travel grant committee

-          Run For the Wild – April 25th
o   Table will be set up manned by Cindy Maur, Bill Orrico and Ashley Herbolich
o   Focus on outreach efforts à Girl Scouts, BFR (Make sure to have website up beforehand), etc
o   What can we hand out at the table? Temporary tattoos?

-          NZKW
o   Meeting with all the departments to be held after March 30th
o   Would like it to be more unified across all parks
o   Will discuss craft fair

So long folks!      XOXO Sarah Parker