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Meeting Minutes- February 2013

NYCAAZK General Meeting Minutes - Wednesday, February 20

Location/Event: Bronx Zoo, Panel Discussion

Members: Robin Sutker, Cindy Maur, Sara Koplish, Sarah Parker, Elizabeth Mills, Tyrone Nickens, Melissa Ortiz, David Morales, Tom Anderson, Crystal DiMiceli, Sarina Cella, Allison Shaw, Karen Kolstad, Melanie Weber, Danielle Steele, Carol Henger, Katelyn Massarone, Mathew LeBron

Supporters: Josh Ginsberg, Patti Cooper, Jay Schuen

-        Name change results! We are now known as NYC AAZK
o   All constitutional amendments are voted on trough online voting; all other issues (budgets, charities, etc) can be voted on in person at a meeting
o   In order for a vote to pass there must be a majority vote (1/2 of the total votes)
o   However, if members abstain from voting their vote does not count; therefore the option with the most votes wins regardless of total number of votes
-        Barnanza charity voting!
o   Dolphin Communication Project
o   Greenburgh Nature Center WINNER
-        All of our digital media and will be changing soon to reflect this new name

Vice President:
-        Join a committee!
o   Travel grant
o   Chopsticks for Salamanders
o   Bowling for Rhinos
o   National Zoo Keeper Week
o   Girl Scouts
o   Volunteer opportunities
o   Presentation nights and Panel discussions
o   Enrichment
o   Calendar and photos

-        Pay your national dues!

-        Please register on the blog to vote!

Upcoming events:
-        Barnanza
o   Voted for a charity between the Dolphin Communication Project and The Greenburgh Nature Center
o   GNC won!
o   Evening will be in either March or April in Manhattan
-        Travel grant
o   All members are eligble for the bi-annual $500 grant
o   Application is on our website, deadlines are April 1 and October 1
o   The rules will be changing for the October 1 deadline, details from the committee are being worked on now
o   Applicants will hear if they are chosen to present at the next chapter meeting in the five days following the deadline
-        Chopsticks for Salamanders
o   Encourage your favorite Asian restaurant to use reusable chopsticks! We have signage to hang
o   Dinner event will be at a restaurant in Manhattan in either March or April
o   Bring your own or purchase official CFS chopsticks!
-        National Zoo Keeper Week!
o   We hope to have it at all five facilities this year! Mid July
o   The committee is working very hard to make this NZKW the best one yet!
-        Bowling for Rhinos
o   The committee is in the process of securing a bowling alley for August
-        Facility held events, meetings, and fundraisers
o   We want to hold at least one event at each of the five facilities! Let us know if you are interested

Panel discussion with: Dr. Elizabeth Bennett, Dr. Josh Ginsberg, and Julie Kunen
Presentation on what WCS global does, voting for Barnanza charity, open floor for panel discussion
 Thank you to our wonderful panel members!