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Meeting Minutes: June 2014

National Zookeeper Week
  • Meeting with Jim B. and others to discuss developmental planning, get things on track and get interest
    • The auction
    • Keeper chats
  • Need to touch base with management to see who is available to participate
  • Also need to touch base with keepers
  • Pat Thomas indicated that  Julie (photographer) sent him a lot of pictures of keepers to be displayed during NZKW

July Meeting
  • Prospect Park projected for July
  • AAZK has given the OK to Ashley, she has let the liaison Brittany know…she is waiting to hear back from the bosses (delayed because of AZA accred. Coming up)

  • Code for discounted member tickets: “Imamember”
  • If anyone wants to purchase tickets in person:
    • Get name, email, which park they are from (if applicable), and who is on their team/lane (if applicable), get cash. Lora will add them to the system
  • Max of 256 tickets available
  • $2,000 payment due in June
  • We should set a goal for ourselves to anticipate the next payment that needs to be applied, so no one is paying out of their pocket and getting reimbursed
  • Idea for next year: Early bird special needs a bigger gap between its deadline and the event, to push sales
  • Bake sale should include salty items to go along with refreshments!
  • Having face painting for a small fee this year!
  • Sara has some raffle supplies from last year- gift bags
    • Do we have a list of BFR items sold at holiday auction?? To add to this year’s fundraising efforts
  • T-shirt design is being decided upon, still have shirts from last year
  • Sara will check with her shirt contact about lessening the order
  • Recap:
    • Date: Monday August 11th
    • Tickets are on sale now!!!
      • Members are $35, non-members $40, will increase $5 each after July 20th
      • No tickets will be sold at the door, so we need you and your friends to buy tickets ASAP!!  Go directly to for ticket purchasing.
      • We need a list of helpers, and what you would like to be assisting with at the event.
      • We will be having a baked goods sale, as well as giving goodies to any parties celebrating a birthday or other special occasion…Please inform us if you are celebrating something!
      • We need donations and sponsors, please help us collect money or items for BFR!!!!

  • Discussed coupling it with the holiday party

  • New account is open and active!!
  • We need to stay on top of our finances!! Last year was very poor in doing so (cashing checks on time, etc.)

Attendance from the BZ:
Matthew LeBron 
Kaitlyn Keys
By phone:
Melanie Weber- QZ
Ashley Herbolich-PPZ

Jared Ozga 
Sara Koplish
Cindy Maur

Lora Murphy- AQ