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Meeting Minutes: February 2016

NYC AAZK Meeting
  - February 22, 2016, Bronx Zoo Curator's Room

President: Joe Nappi, Vice President: Erin Mowatt, Secretary: Avi Shuter, Treasurer: Amy Golden 

Attended by: Erin Mowatt, Joe Nappi, Avi Shuter, Ken Huth, Lisa Walker, Taylor Ritz, Kevin Hils, Leela Tamero, Mike McCue, Erin Minnock, Gabrielle Rosato, Elizabeth Mills, Brent Atkinson, Joe Borsellino, Jen Loveless, Amy Golden, Vanessa Jones, Michelle Blatz, Alisha Mendez, Bonnie Glover, Rebecca Mitchell, Brianna Ogas, Heather Tassler, Linda Edge, Nyssa Turner, Tim Mohl, Bill Doyle, Amanda Hackett 

Themes of 2016: Communication, Collaboration & Conservation
  - We want to make for a chapter that internally communicates better, as well as better
    communicates with non-members
  - We want to make for a more socially cohesive chapter, as well as collaborate with different
    departments around the Bronx Zoo
  - We want to support more conservation projects through volunteer efforts and fundraising

Goals for 2016:
  - Refocus our efforts on the Bronx Zoo
  - Mini open forums with different departments? (social media, sustainability, fundraising)
  - Social events with a cause:
        . Ice Skating, March
        . Cinco de Rhino, May
        . Paint bar night, Fall
  - Volunteering/Conservation
        . Bronx river clean-up
        . Summer Bat walk
  - Social Games night, Summer
  - Keeper presentation night in Fall

Ice Skating Fundraiser
   - Murray Memorial Skating Rink in Yonkers
   - $20, half goes t
o conservation, half to rink. We will pay as one big group to get a discounted price
   - Ideas/vote for what conservation groups we want to support
   - Date: Sunday March 20th, 5:20-7:30 PM

Committee Reports:

- Bowling for Rhinos. We need your help!
   . Same location
   . Looking for more parking options with local restaurant
   . Bigger push for non-zoo staff bowlers so buy tickets early
   . Almost sold out all 35 lanes last year with approx. 250 bowlers. Made over $6,000 in 2015!
   . Looking at adding a second bar tender as well as smoother pizza distribution
   . Most of the work is done. Need help getting raffle prizes, corporate donors
        - template letter already made
        - Need help at the door for the event
   . WCS Indonesia works in rhino range areas

National Zoo Keeper Week: Cindy, Avi, Lisa & Heather
  - Planning starts this month, so it’s not too late to get involved
  - This will be a collaboration with ALL departments at the Bronx Zoo, so this is an excellent
    opportunity to either network or get a better understanding of how events work at the zoo
  - Let us know if there are any particular animals you would like to give a keeper chat for!

Travel Grant Committee
  - changing the submission date to late summer to coincide with AEP grant and the fact that there are
    more conferences in the fall
  - There is a $1000 grant given out to advance the ideals of AAZK (professional development,
    conservation work, research, etc.). There is an additional AAZK National Conference Grant to help
    cover registration fees as well
  - Anyone interested in being on committee?

World Animal Days:
  - Discussed the prospect of starting a committee to oversee hosting world animal day events through the year

Closing Message:
- Thank you for all that attended our open forum. It was a great success and a lot of great conversation were held.
  We are looking into hosting similar forums at the other WCS parks.
- We appreciated everyone that attended this meeting! We had a record crowd.
- Our next meeting will be held at the end of March.
- Please let us know if you are interested in joining one of our committees (Bowling for Rhinos, National Zoo Keeper Week, Travel Grant)

We want to hear from you!!! Now is your chance to have your voice heard and shape the future momentum of this chapter!

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