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Meeting Minutes- March 2013

NYCAAZK General Meeting Minutes – Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Current Members: Veronica Smith, Tyrone Nickens, Dawn Davis, Robin Sutker, Crystal DiMiceli, Melanie Melendez, Veronica Thomas, Karen Kolstad, Cindy Maur, Hulya Israfil, Tom Anderson, Sarina Cella, Robert Blakely, Sara Koplish, Mo Ortiz, Katelyn Massarone

Future Members: Nora Bierne, Sosha Fusco

Training successes and trials share time
-         Snow leopard voluntary ultrasound
-         Shark targeting and stationing
-         Cloud rat voluntary tactile
-         Voluntary blood pressure on cougars
-         Sea lions giving voluntary breaths by barking or whistling into anesthesia cone in order to measure CO2 levels under anesthesia.  If anyone at other parks are interested in participating in study, please

 Introduced new logo to go along with name change.
-         See

Upcoming Events
-         Earth hour – March 23rd at 8:30 turn off your lights for one hour.
-         Chopsticks for Salamanders – March 27th after work at Sunny’s Chinese 81st and 3rd
-        Travel grant deadline April 1st.  Please apply.
-         Barnanza – April.  Proceeds go to Greenburgh Nature Center
-         TIGER – April 19th.  Volunteer opportunity to read books about animals to kids.
-         Girl Scouts – April 4th, 8th May 2nd, 6th, 30th – Teach scouts about enrichment.  Please volunteer for two days so that girls can make enrichment items at second session.
-         Run for the Wild – April 27th – We will have a table and give out stickers.
-         Photo Contest begins May 1st – small donation required per photo entered.  One winner from each of three categories will win a cash prize.  All photos eligible for calendar.  Extra money goes to AAZK or a charity.
-         AAZK National Conference call for papers deadline – May 15th – If anyone would like to work with Mo to write up something for the Sea Lion CO2 levels study, email
-         NZKW – mid July

National Zookeeper Week
-         We will be doing many things including members nights, artist showcase, silent auction, collages, keeper profiles, keeper grams and gifts for the keepers if budget is approved.
-         Vote to approve NZKW budget ($250-$300 for gifts).  Approved by unanimous vote.

Treasurer Report of finances
-        Spent $825 on recharter
-         Cheyenne Chapter donated $150 to the NYA to help with disaster relief
-         When all is said and done we will have $5068.00

National Updates
-         Please nominate people for awards -
-         Learning collaborative – online learning opportunities will be available for $25/ year

-         BFR --> end of August.  Still trying to decide on venue
-         Volunteer Opportunities --> Frogwatch (trainings forthwith, contact, Gowanus Canal Conservancy, TIGER
-         Barnanza -->Tavern on 3rd
-         CFS --> Mar 27th, selling chopsticks for $10, setting up a table for adopt a hellbender, setting up a donation jar and for the first ten people who gets signage in two restaurants or get one restaurant to sell chopsticks we will be giving out a free pair.
-         Travel Grant
o    Applicants must be a member of both national AAZK and of our chapter, and they must be an employee of WCS at the time of application as well as at the time of travel.
o    Vote: Should we give the grant before travel, or after travel upon the presentation of receipts? (1) before, (16) after --> Grant will be awarded after travel
o    Vote: Should the grant be awarded by the collective decision of all AAZK members, or should it be awarded by the decision of the committee using a rating system used y national AAZK? (4) all members (13) committee --> For the October grant, the decision will be made by the committee using a rating system
o    Motion to revisit awarding process decision after the rating system has been presented to members.  Motion seconded.  We will revisit this decision after the rating system is complete.

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