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Meeting Minutes- March 2012

Bronx Zoo AAZK Chapter Meeting Minutes
20 March 2012

What a GREAT Enrichment Bonanza! Many Thanks to the committee for a great evening!  A special thanks to those who travelled from other zoos to be there!

1)     BZAC was asked to put our chapter on a petition lobbying to make the American bison the National Mammal.  Membership voted in favor of the initiative!
2)     Deadlines are upcoming!
a.       Please pay your membership dues for 2012.
b.      Travel grant applications are due 1 April.
3)     BZAC is talking about a name change!
a.       Although we held one online vote to change BZAC’s name to include the other parks, some concerns have been expressed.
b.      We will be voting online whether or not to uphold the original vote.  The other option is to wait for staff at the city zoos to join and voice their opinion.
4)     We had three great presentations to determine the benefactor of Barnanza 2012.
a.       The race was close, but the Turtle Survival Alliance will once again receive funds raised at Barnanza. 
5)     Enrichment Bonanza was a huge success.
a.       Many paper machete items were made at the paper machete station
b.      We won fun prizes at the enrichment item raffle.
c.       What a turnout!  Twenty-three people participated in last night’s festivities!