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Meeting Minutes- February 2012

Bronx Zoo AAZK Chapter Meeting Minutes
20 February 2012

1)     We are branching out to the city zoos and need to vote on changing our name to include the other parks
a.       Vote will be available online- please keep in mind that you may be approved to vote online if you registered even if you have not gotten an e-mail directly saying so and you should attempt to do so.
b.      Two names were suggested
                                                               i.      Wildlife Conservation Society AAZK Chapter
                                                             ii.      New York City AAZK Chapter
                                                           iii.      Vote here:
2)     Amy talked about the Girl Scout program and passed around a sign-up sheet
a.       Our program will be incorporated into their current badges
b.      10 troops from Yonkers are registered to participate
c.       Volunteers will attend two meetings with one troop and help them earn a badge
                                                               i.      Each troop will be assigned an animal and natural history questions about that animal
                                                             ii.      1st troop meeting
1.      Keepers will introduce themselves
2.      Explain the enrichment approval form and how the natural history is important
3.      Design an ideal enrichment item
4.      Build small enrichment items
                                                           iii.      2nd troop meeting
1.      Build more complicated enrichment items
d.      There will be bins in the enrichment trailer for each troop’s animal to collect materials
e.       There will be a Bronx troop leader meeting on a Saturday in March if anyone would like to go
f.        We hope to get the kids to the zoo and provide some kind of experience
3)     Upcoming deadlines
a.       Please pay your BZAC dues as soon as you can!
b.      If you’d like to present a charity for Barnanza, please inform an officer by 1 March.
c.       Travel grants are due 1 April.
4)     Officers will be visiting the city zoos in order to initiate branching out and to invite them to our 20 March Enrichment Bonanza!