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Meeting Minutes: September 2014

  • Money has been given to Heather (for meeting food, labels) and Sarah ( for BFR tees)
  • Reimbursement for Robin ($615 recharter fee and $60 banner purchase) needs to be sent…get cashier’s check from bank ~$10 (bc new acct checks cost hundreds of dollars), and mail to her
  • Fundraiser- order forms for items are being sent to us shortly, will be dispersed through interoffice mail
    • Money will be needed up front for items
    • Can write receipts by hand for records
    • Fundraiser can be run during October, order placed Nov, and items arrive for Dec
    • 40% of profits go to our Chapter

October Meeting
  • Will be Discussion Panel!
  • On the 20th, a Monday, at Bronx after work
  • Time and format is in works, Cindy is discussing with Breheny
  • Should only run about an hour long
  • Send questions to Cindy for anonymous asking
  • No FOZ invited
  • What are we doing for food??? Coffee and snacks only??
  • Officer election time- please have nominees or interested person give a brief 5 minute speech about themselves, vote in Nov

November Meeting
  • Will be Enrichment Bonanza
  • Perhaps have facility based if each facility wants, and puts it together
  • Potluck dinner
  • Officer Voting online

December Meeting
  • Will be Holiday Auction
  • Donations are being collected
  • Auction will be before Christmas sometime
  • Cindy is chair
  • Monthly meeting will be facility based, because of busy holiday schedules

  • Please set up recycle boxes at your department/facility to collect cans!
    • Need to discuss exchanging for money…who will do and when

Attendance from the BZ:           
Erin Mowatt
Rebecca Mitchell
Mary G
Mike Wrubel
Brent Atchinson
Sara Koplish
Kaitlyn Keys
Heather Tassler
Jay Schoen

Attendance from PPZ:
Tierney O’neal
Ashley Herbolich
Denny Muireo
Danielle Taylor
Debbie Dienaman
Brittany Murphy
Andrea Reimold

Attendance from QZ:

Melanie Weber