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Meeting Minutes: March 2016

NYC AAZK Meeting: Friday March 18, 2016
Bronx Zoo Curator’s Room

In Attendance:
Joe Nappi, Erin Mowatt, Amy Golden, Juliet Elkins, Amanda Scherer, Brent Atkinson, Heather Tassler, Bonnie Glover, Mary Gremler, Elizabeth Mills, Kevin Hills, Mike McCue, Erin Minnock, Amanda Hackett, Aniko Totha, Taylor Ritz, Michelle Medina, Jen Loveless, Joe Borsellino, Sara Koplish, Nyssa Turner, Jessica Chin. (We currently have approximately 12 members, 10 present at meeting)

Treasurer’s Report: Amy
- Re-charter successfully submitted
- Dues $15 for members of National AAZK, $25 for people that are not a national member
Bowling for Rhinos: Amy Golden
- Monday August 15th tentatively scheduled
- Same bowling alley as last year in Queens
- Second bar tender requested
Grant Committee:
- Members present at the meeting  voted for the April 1st deadline to remain for 2016 and for the
  deadline to be moved to August 1st starting in 2017 to coincide with the awarding of AEP grants.
- Grant applications available at
Cinco de Rhino:
- Looking into catering Mexican food in Flaherty and have attendees pay a nominal fee for entrance to
  the event
- This will help jump start our Bowling for Rhinos fundraising campaign
Logo Contest:
- Criteria: NYC themed, animals representing our various parks/depts, must say New York City AAZK
- Joe Borsellino’s dad is a graphic artist. Can transfer and enhance sketches to the computer.
- Deadline May 1st
Ice Skating Fundraiser:
- Sunday March 20th, 5:20-7:20 pm
- Murray Memorial Skating Rink, Yonkers
- $20, paid at the door. Each guest will receive a ticket that they will redeem at the skate rental desk
- We are getting a group discount. Half of your admission price will go to conservation
- Pitches made for what conservation group we want to support
       . Cheetah Conservation Fund – Jessica Chin
       . Jane Goodall’s Roots & Chutes – Juliet Elkins
       . Polar Bear International – Jen Loveless
       . Trees for You and Me (collaboration between AAZK & Polar Bear International) – Joe Nappi
- Members voted for Trees for You and Me to be the recipient of our Ice Skating money. There is a
  competition amongst all AAZK chapters to raise the most money for Trees for You and Me
National Zoo Keeper Week:
- Saturday July 16th through Sunday July 24th
- Keeper Gift: What should it be? Should we do one? Heather brought a catalog to the meeting
   - Gift ideas: beer glasses, tote bag w/ Nalgene, gift that supports a conservation group, etc.
   - Traditionally have spent $600-800 per year on past gifts
   - Should we have a special gifts for members of AAZK?
   - We will vote at a future meeting if we want to put up funds for buying gifts

Social Media:
 -Wild View Blogs: try to get keepers from the different parks. Posts for every day of National Zoo Keeper
  Week. Let us know if you are potentially interested in contributing.
- Twitter Take-over
- Roving keepers during a particular hour each day. Stand in front of your favorite animal. Informal chats
- Keeper hourly posts on social media “Day in the life of a keeper.” All posts will be written in advance
  with an accompanying photo and will be posted throughout the day by social media.

National Zoo Keeper Week Interdepartmental meeting tentatively scheduled for April 9th.
Melissa Nelson Training & Enrichment Newsletter
 - AEP Grant summaries a potential feature of the newsletters
 - Training and enrichment stories.
 - Let us/Melissa know if you are interested in contributing
AAZK Craft Fair: Elizabeth Mills
  - Craft fair could be instead of and/or during traditional AAZK Silent Auctions
  - Donors/AAZK would benefit from items sold (split the profits, most of which would go to the donor.
    encourage more participation in donating/get more items for auctions).
  - Survey of interest to be sent out
Committee Sign-ups:
- Bowling for Rhinos: Cindy Maur, Amy Golden
    . New sign-ups: Brent Atkinson, Bonnie Glover, Sara Koplish, Amanda Hackett
- National Zoo Keeper Week: Cindy Maur, Heather Tassler, Lisa Walker, Avi Shuter, Erin Mowatt, Joe N.
    . New sign-ups: Brent Atkinson, Elizabeth Mills, Erin Minnock, Amanda Hackett
- Travel Grant Committee: Joe Nappi
    . New sign-ups: Brent Atkinson, Bonnie Glover, Aniko Totha
- Conservation Committee/World Animal Days
    . New committee to help steer AAZK conservation fundraisers/volunteering/World Animal Day events
    . Sign-ups: Joe Nappi, Erin Mowatt, Elizabeth Mills, Jen Loveless
- Enrichment Bonanza: Elizabeth Mills (pushing for keeper families to be involved this year)
    . New sign-ups: Brent Atkinson
Next AAZK Meeting Tentatively Scheduled for the end of May…
  - We are looking into an after hours social event for April (movie night, guest lecturer, etc.)
       . Let us know if you have ideas!