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Meeting Minutes: February 2015

NYC AAZK Monthly Meeting Minutes – February 20, 2015
Sarah Parker – President, Bill Orrico – Secretary, Michelle Medina, Joe Nappi, Erin Mowatt, Elizabeth Mills, Florence Klecha, Kelvin Alvarez, Brent Atkinson, Andrew Kathriner, Lenny Billie
·         Dues must be paid for the new year ASAP
·         Barnanza raised $141 and dues were collected from 12 members
o   Suggestion box a success. Most suggestions for BFR venue change, increase in workshops and panel discussions, monthly meetings shortened in duration, and holding fewer but larger fundraisers
·         Recharter is due March 1 – Officers are working to complete it
·         Bowling for Rhinos – August 17
o   New location “34th Ave Lanes” in Woodside, Queens
o   $25/$30 for 3 hours (includes 2 pizzas/lane and 1 drink ticket/person)
o   Option to buy whole lane for $200/$220
·         March Meeting – Need ideas for type of meeting or it will be another simple business meeting
o   No ideas from meeting – Contact officers with suggestions
·         April Meeting – Presentation Night at Aquarium
o   Aquarium requests funding if food budget is over $100. Will be preparing itemized list and be put to a Chapter vote
·         Run for the Wild – April 25 – Should we have a table?
o   Consensus is that we should have a table at the event. Brent and Bill volunteered to work at table. Anyone else interested should contact officers
·         Panel Discussion
o   Survey results lacking – Many did not receive the survey – will send again
o   If interested in joining committee for future discussions contact Cindy or Avi
·         National Zoo Keeper Week – July
o   Planning has already begun by committee – in contact with management
o   Concerns voiced by members included increased work during week, lack of feeling appreciated by management, and ineffectiveness at reaching public
o   Do we want to keep gifts from chapter to keepers? – Vote
·         Bowling for Rhinos
o   New location and prices should greatly increase interest and attendance
o   Want more involvement from public – Posters/signs, contact NYC Cultural institutions, table at events?
o   Increase fundraising by including individual Bowl-a-thon component
o   Option of second BFR event in Bronx area to attract different subset of Keeper Staff?

§  BFR once a year but different event can be held north. Looking at locations for Croctoberfest in Bronx. Cinco de Rhino?