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Meeting Minutes- November 2011

Bronx Zoo AAZK Chapter Meeting Minutes
20 November 2011

1)      Membership voted to approve online voting
a.       Online voting will be available for votes requiring information 30 days in advance including amendments and elections
2)      Cindy proposed an amendment to include the city zoos in our chapter
a.       We are still working on ideas to make this possible and fun
b.      i.e have events at different parks along with a meeting?
c.       Perhaps meet at a central location and have dinner with the meeting?
d.      Voting for/against this amendment will be available online- membership will receive an e-mail telling them to do this, the cut-off will be 20 December 2011
3)      We are working out the detail to hold a fundraising holiday silent auction at the staff cafeteria
a.       Submissions are requested from all and any, please contact an officer if you or someone you know would like to donate or send an e-mail to
4)      Cindy talked about surveys
5)      Calendars are coming!
a.       Pictures have been narrowed down from 18 to 12
b.      They should be available by next meeting
6)      Elections for officers are upcoming and will conclude on 20 December 2011
7)      Training talks!
a.       Painting with capuchins
b.      Training with Chiani the sea lion before and after his surgery
c.       Komodo dragon training
d.      Ella the rhino and new white rhinos in Zoo Center