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Meeting minutes- October 2011

Bronx Zoo AAZK Chapter Meeting Minutes
20 October 2010

1)     Bowling for Rhinos was a big success
a.       We earned over 3,000 dollars
b.      Paypal was very successful and we should use it next year
2)     We discussed the Girl Scout outreach program
a.       Plans are to move forward in January based on previous model sessions
b.      BZAC members will be able to sign up to work with troops on days they are available and will visit troops twice
c.       Please send photos of enrichment to Joanne to use in posters
3)     Cindy spoke about the National AAZK conference
a.       San Francisco has 11 facilities incorporated into its chapter and could help serve as a model for incorporating the city zoo into BZAC
                                                               i.      Moving meeting location around and having a special event at the meetings
4)     We talked about incorporating other zoos
a.       Video conferencing?  We’re looking into it but AAZK National did not recommend it.
b.      Meetings may have to be later for travel time
c.       We may want to have liaisons to other zoo; VP of BZAC may serve as liaison to other zoos
5)     We discussed online voting- online voting will be held for votes that require information to be received 30 days in advance (i.e. elections, amendments)
a.       Unfortunately we did not have enough members to vote for approval of online voting and will vote at next meeting
6)     We discussed changing the meeting venue
7)    Elections for AAZK officers will occur on 20 December
a.       If you are interested in running, please inform a current officer; candidates will be given a chance to address membership on 20 November
8)     An election bonanza will be held in November or December- members should think of ideas for large group projects
9)     Keepers chatted about some of their training projects
a.       Mike talked about training Tuco the gorilla to target train HIM
b.      Joanna talked about training a silver langur to target himself
c.       Amy talked about sea lion training; she has finally gotten a successful flip performed!